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PROXX Access Control


PPXL100 and PPXL250 Proxxsmart Entry 

  The PPXL100 and PPXL 250 Proxxsmart Entry Controllers can be used in a stand-alone mode or networked to create systems for controlling up to 64 doors or gates. Each controller maintains complete intelligence at each location. The PPXL100 has capacity to manage up to 7,000 users and store up to 3,000 events in non-volatile memory. The unique design supports plug-in option boards through an expansion port. The option boards add features and functionality where needed without cost-burdening the system. When they are not required,the Proxxsmart system is the most price-competitive system on the market.

The controller provides all of the standard functions necessary to control a door or gate. Each controller supports 2 readers, one for access, the other for egress, direction sensing or anti-passback. A standard RS-232 serial output is provided for communication with various serial devices, such as a PC, modem, or printer, without the need for extra hardware in the PC. Up to 32 controllers can be connected on a Proxxnet network, and communication between controllers utilizes RS-485, one of the most reliable network technologies available.

Programming can be accomplished using a remote hand-held programmer (PHPP100) or a PC (386 or better) with color monitor. However, the use of a PC is recommended for systems with more than 3 doors because of programming ease and to take full advantage of the features found in the software. The software is Windows 95 or DOS based and can be applied to stand-alone and multi door systems either directly connected or remotely via modem. The software is extremely easy to operate, with pull down menus and user-friendly screens for simple data manipulation and report generation.

Proxxware Software

    Proxxware are software programs that configure and manage access control systems utilizing the PPXL100 and PPXL250 Proxxsmart Entry Controllers. The software is Windows 95 or DOS-based, with user friendly pull-down menu driven screens that define system parameters, manage card and transaction files, set timing functions, and prepare activity reports. PPXL100 Controllers have diagnostic firmware built-in that the software can access to review the operation and health of the Proxxnet network. The software is renowned for its ease of use and its reliability. Software functions include:

System Configuration

The set-up of system utilities and controlling parameters provide the ability to:

·         Assign Names to Readers

·         Define Time Zones

·         Establish and name Holidays

·         Set automatic Unlock Times for entries

·         Set automatic Locking Times for entries

·         Define Input and Output Assignments

·         Define User Privileges (authority levels and PIN)

·         Establish Modem Communication and Anti-passback Controls

·         Set clock for Date and Daylight Savings Time

Card File Management

·         Provides definition and administration of the card files

·         Enroll and Delete cards/tags from the system

·         Assign Time Zones to users

·         List cards Alphabetically or Numerically

·         Create and/or Transfer from file to the network

·         Recover Existing Files from the network

Transaction File Management

Records the transaction listing the date, time, user name, card and reader number and transaction message. In total, the software generates over 50 messages relating to access events, door monitoring, input status, relay status, etc.

·         Allows Real Time Monitoring and Activity Recording

·         Allows for Transaction Retrieval from the Network

·         Sets data sorting parameters for Report Generation

·         Provides Data Sorting by time, reader, slot number, and individual

·         Allows for Selective Viewing and printing of card activity and alarms

PT10 Proxxmate Key Tag


·  Small Proximity Key Ring Tag

·  Robust and Durable - Washing Machine Tough!

·  Works With All Proxx Proximity Readers

·  Interchangeable in System with Proxx Proxxsmart Cards

·  Unique ID Codes

The PT10 Proxxmate Key Tag provides user convenience in a small, ergonomic, and extremely durable package.
The Key Tags are randomly and uniquely encoded. They can be used interchangeably with any of the Proxx Proximity cards on the same system without worry about ID code duplication or format matching. Read range is typically 50% of a standard Proxxsmart Card.

PMS4000 ProxxSTEALTHTM Proximity Reader


    The PMS4000 Proxxstealth Proximity Reader is designed for areas where crime and vandalism are a constant threat to the access control system's card readers. The outside housing is made of stainless steel and is beveled such that it is nearly impossible to get sufficient leverage to pry it off a wall or mullion. The portion of the face of the reader that covers the electronics consists of a material (UL752 listed for bullet-proofness) which can withstand 9mm bullets at "point-blank" firing range and will not be burned by common cigarette lighters, both common sources of vandalism.

The PMS4000 is typically used in applications where other types of readers (including proximity) have failed due to vandalism of the reader itself. The PMS4000 is field proven in its ability to function in open hostile environments.

PMS Series Proximity Readers


·  Sleek New Attractive Packages

·  Ultra Thin Profile - only 3/8" (10mm) thick

·  Smallest Door Frame (Mullion) Reader Available

·  Better Read Range Performance Than Competing Products of Similar Size

·  Significantly Lower Cost Than Competing Proximity Readers

The new PMS Series Proximity Readers are designed to blend aesthetics, read range performance, and small package size with an extremely thin profile. The readers are for use exclusively with the PROXX revolutionary access control system based on the PPXL100 and 250 Proxxsmart Entry Controllers.

The PMS3000 reader measures just 3.4" long x 1.4" wide x 0.38" thick (86mm x 36mm x 10mm), and is designed to mount on a doorframe (mullion). Read range is up to 4" (10cm). The PMS5000 Reader measures 4.3" long x 3.0" wide x 0.38" thick (109mm x 76mm x 10mm), and can be mounted on a single gang electrical box or flat on a wall. Read range is up to 8" (20cm).

Both readers are attractively designed with a thin profile and modern appearance. The readers are compatible with all of the PROXX proximity card styles as well as the small, extremely robust Proxxmate and Proxxkey Key Tags.

Proxxsmart 1000


Use It As A Keyless Entry System To Manage Access To A Single Door For Up To 500 Users

New Product: Proxxsmart 1000

This groundbreaking new product can be used as an economical single door access control system for up to 500 users, or in place of a traditional proximity reader at less cost for connection to any manufacturer's larger controller or system. No matter which way you use it, you get it in your choice of five superior proximity reader styles. If you're going to connect it to a larger system (either Proxx PPXL100 or any other manufacturer's Wiegand-compatible controller), you get the added feature of being able to use the Proxxsmart 1000 as backup to the primary controller in case the primary controller becomes non-functional, and it can still be re-used when customers' requirements move beyond their original single door.

Product features are shown below:

As a Single Door System

·  Relay Output for Electric Strike/Lock

·  Non-Volatile Memory for up to 500 Users

·  Five Superior Proximity Reader Styles to Choose From

·  Simple Programming via RF Hand Held Programmer

·  Door Sense Input to Monitor Door Open/Closed Status

·  Local Door Control Backup for Primary Controller

·  Local Door Held Open Alarm (Buzzer)

·  MultiColor LED and Audio Tone for User Feedback

·  Industry Standard Wiegand Input for Keypad Reader

·  Can Be Used When System Expands Beyond 1 Door

·  Superior Proximity Technology in Small, Attractive Packages

·  Reader and Controller Technology Together on an Integrated Basis

In Place of a Standard Proximity Reader

·  Industry Standard Wiegand Output

·  Priced 25-50% Less Than Standard Proximity Readers

·  Five Superior Proximity Reader Styles to Choose From

·  Local Door Control Backup for Primary Controller

·  MultiColor LED and Audio Tone for User Feedback

·  Smaller and More Attractive Than Traditional Proximity Readers

Proxxsmart 1000 The Intelligent Choice

The new Proxxsmart 1000 can be used as an economical keyless entry system/controller to manage access to a single door for up to 500 users. It can also be used in place of a traditional proximity reader when connected to larger systems on an integrated basis such as Proxx PPXL100 or those made by any other manufacturer, but with the additional capability of providing door control backup in case the main controller becomes non-operational.

For customers who wish to save the time, hassle, and expense of re-keying when keys are lost or stolen, the Proxxsmart 1000 System allows easy enrolling and voiding of uniquely encoded proximity cards and tags via a simple to use hand-held programmer. When the customer is ready to expand the system beyond a single door, nothing ever needs to be thrown away because the Proxxsmart 1000 can be connected to any manufacturer's (including Proxx) larger system via an industry standard 26 bit Wiegand output. When used in place of a traditional proximity reader, the product provides superior transient/surge protection for the host controller, as well as allowing longer cable runs of up to 1000' (30m).

Single Door Keyless Entry or For Use in Larger Systems